Participation Guide

Booth Operation Period

May 14-15, 8:30-17:00

May 16, 8:30-21:00

Exhibition Period

May 17-19, 8:30-17:00

May 20, 8:30-15:00

1.   Badge Management

  • The exhibitors, the constructors and the service providers shall apply for real-name exhibition badges  for all participants, staff and service guarantee personnel through the registration system provided by the Organizer within the specified time limit.

  • After the application is properly submitted via the system and duly approved by the Organizer and relevant security departments, the corresponding exhibition badge will be issued on site.


2.   Basic Rules

2.1   Booth Operation

  • The exhibitors are not allowed to transfer or sub-lease their booths (including but not limited to the right to use the booths), in part or in whole. The actual users of the corresponding booths must be exhibitors who sign the Exhibition Contract with the Organizer.

  • Prior to the conclusion of the Expo, all booths and exhibits must be in a normal state of exhibition and operation. None of them shall be closed in advance with whatever excuse.

  • Booths shall be clearly segregated based on the area stipulated in the contract, and no booth structure shall exceed the agreed boundary. In case of any violation, the Organizer shall have the right to require the exhibitor concerned to make rectification thereof at its own cost.

  • None of the exhibitors shall display, hang or distribute anything beyond the boundaries of their booths.

2.2   Exhibit Demonstration

  • The exhibitors are prohibited from demonstrating or distributing any promotional materials (including but not limited to posters, documents, films or audiovisual works) not in line with MOTOR CHINA theme or scope of exhibits.

  • The exhibitors shall ensure that all mechanical equipment exhibited is operated by professional operators. No dynamic demonstration related to mechanical equipment shall be conducted without professional supervision.

  • All demonstrative vehicles shall enter the exhibition hall along the route designated by the Organizer and the exhibition hall with the entry permit for demonstrative vehicles. Demonstrative vehicles are prohibited from moving around the exhibition hall in any non- permitted period. All move-in demonstrative vehicles shall have oil mass of not more than 10% of the tank capacity, otherwise they cannot enter the exhibition hall.

      2.3   Map Management

  • All maps or base maps displayed must comply with relevant laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and follow the “one China” principle.

  • All maps on display must go through the whole map review procedure, and bear the figure number.

  • The standard world map and standard China’s map can be directly downloaded from the standard service system ( on the website of the Ministry of 

    Natural Resources of the PRC and applied, which shall bear the figure number.

  2.4 Volume Control

  • These Rules and Regulations provide that equipment operation sound volume during exhibit demonstration or any other relevant activity at each booth shall not exceed 70 decibels; an increase of 10-20 decibels above such maximum limit is permitted for a short period of time. The volume for any special performance approved by the Organizer is permitted to be 20 decibels above the maximum limit for a short period of time. If there are other relevant provisions in Chinese laws and regulations or other standards, such provisions shall prevail. 

  2.5 Security Check

  • The exhibitors shall properly keep their exhibits and personal belongings. They are advised to keep laptops and other important goods with an anti-theft locks to guard against theft. It is advisable to let the Organizer know in time if there is any loss.

  •       The exhibitors are required to take effective protective measures for valuable exhibits and goods before the closing time each day.

  2.6 Liability and Insurance

  • In order to ensure safety, the exhibitors shall take out insurance for their staff members, property, etc., and urge the commissioned service providers to purchase the relevant personal insurance, and property insurance, etc. Otherwise, the exhibitors shall bear the corresponding liability and losses on their own.

  • The exhibitors shall take out the whole-journey transportation insurance and property insurance for their exhibits, including the coverage from the place of departure to the booth (including the exhibition period) and for the return trip.

  • The exhibitors should take out public liability insurance, and the recommended coverage period is from the move-in of the exhibitors, constructors and service providers, to the move- out of their staff members, exhibits and property from the exhibition hall.

   2.7 IPR Protection

  • Any exhibitor who has filed for the intellectual property rights of exhibits with Chinas Customs shall promptly add the information of the consignee of the inbound goods to the list of legal users, so that the exhibits can be smoothly cleared by the customs. If the intellectual property rights in the exhibits have been acquired according to law, please bring the IPR ownership certificate or other supporting documents.

  • The exhibitors shall strengthen self-examination of and self-correction for their exhibits, booth design, packaging, advertising materials, and other display parts before and during MOTOR CHINA, so as to prevent any intellectual property infringement. The exhibitors shall bear the loss and compensation responsibility according to the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China if they are held liable by relevant authorities or face any claim from relevant right holder(s) due to IPR infringement.

  • Exhibitors must be authorized or permitted by law before the use of any music. For more details, please contact the Music Copyright Society of China.

  • The exhibitors, service  providers, and suppliers, etc., shall not use the logo of the Organizer or MOTOR CHINA, the name of MOTOR CHINA (whether Chinese or English name), slogan, the image of the mascot, etc., without the written consent of the Organizer. Otherwise, it shall constitute an infringement, and the Organizer shall reserve the right to hold the corresponding party legally accountable therefor.

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